Domestic Violence

The original ‘wife beater’ crucifix was developed in 2016 but was appropriated by a festival goer in July. Its whereabouts is now unknown.

A second crucifix ‘wife-beater II’ was assembled in 2018.  The cucifix features five cans of Stella Artois, a beer whose strength earned it the name wife-beater. As with the original wife-beater crucifix it is adorned with a naked Barbie Doll with long, disheveled hair.

The installation photograph shows the crucifix within a hay enclosure with a golden calf ‘preaching’ to its congregation.

Further copies on request. Price on Agreement.

Self Help and Self Improvement

The original ‘Self-Help’ Crucifix was constructed in 2016.  It was installed at Festival 23 and burned as part of the closing activities.  The crucifix was constructed from around 200 self help books.  The aim of the burning was to ‘set free the knowledge within’.

Festival goers took turns to throw individual books on the pyre until the whole structure collapsed.

The aim of the crucifix was to draw attention to the way in which ‘Self Help’ has become a new religion.  The books typically take a (usually true) piece of advice and over-sell it, promising their readers miracles and never delivering.

A second self-help crucificx was constructed in 2017 and was subject to a ritual baptism in the river Wye during the annual Hay-on-Wye festival.

Further crucifixes are under construction.

Copies can be ordered. Price on agreement.


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